• michael walker’s bio

    -ACE Certified Personal Trainer
    -Nutrition Specialist
    -HCI Certified Health Coach
    -TRX Qualified Group Suspension Training Instructor
    -Founder of motiv101.com | Leadership Development Experiences
    -Multi-Class winning NPC Natural Bodybuilder
    -State Champion athlete with the Farragut Magic Football Club
    -15 year corporate trainer with multiple Fortune 500’s
    -‘Trainer of the Year’ award 2006
    -Training Magazine’s ’emerging trainer award’ nominee 2012
    -Workforce Magazine’s ‘game changer award’ nominee 2012
    -‘Circle of Excellence’ award winner and 3x nominee

    After experiencing a life changing transformation while working with a nutrition specialist, I was awakened to the real potential for better health. With an amazing coach encouraging me, I accomplished what I had once thought to be impossible. I stepped on stage as a drug free natural bodybuilder with more confidence and self respect than I had ever had. I was so well prepared at my first (warm-up) show, not only did I compete for the first time – I earned 3 first place awards! I had lost over 60 lbs, was a competition-ready 4% body fat in my mid 30’s. There was no doubt in the fact that my health and fitness was the best it had ever been; and there was an undeniable correlation to the health of my finances, relationships and career that also improved simultaneously. The actualization of the ‘mind, body + spirit’ connection became real for me and I craved a career shift from the corporate development coaching I had been thriving in, to health coaching I had developed a passionate belief for.

    The triumpfit model took shape during one of my business ventures to invest in and open a fitness gym. I learned what I found to be unusual business plan particulars of a franchise model where they fed clients bagels in the morning and pizza on Fridays as “member appreciation”. Believe it or not, the plan also stated that a jar of Tootsie Rolls was required to be present on the check-in counter at all times. I was infuriated that an organization with the word “Fitness” in their name, claiming to help improve people’s health would be so careless with their actual well being. How could I feel good about providing people a place to workout, while destroying them nutritionally at the same time? There had to be a better way.

    Triumpfit is about bringing into focus all of the elements that make up our overall health and fostering an environment for us to truly transform our behaviors to be our best. Best physical bodies, best mentality and best in our spirituality to the world. We all have different needs and unique bodies and busy lives that require a holistic approach to become our best.

    Welcome to TriumpFit, I’m eager and excited to be a part of your success story – ‘The best you ever!’ This will be the most rewarding journey you could ever choose to initiate. There is no time to waste; Let’s get started today!

  • mind, body + spirit, transformed.

    what is a health coaching?

    We believe that “health” is about much more than ‘physical fitness’. And that achieving your best health, and best SELF, requires attention to your mind and spirit in addition to the body. We specialize in successful health transformations of the mind body and spirit combined!

    A Health Coach and cheerleader combined to bring a new level of action and accountability to your best behaviors. A triumpfit Health Coach combines motivational support with curated-essential information pertinent to your body and your goals, and specialized insight to support and guide you through life changing transformations which are guaranteed to unlock the healthiest mind, body and spirit you’ve ever had!

    We work with people who struggle with weight loss and health conditions to break challenging plateaus and change habits to look great naked and achieve their healthiest and sexiest body of their entire life. With proven nutrition concepts and applied science of the mind and body we achieve amazing results quickly and without frustrating-ineffective crash dieting.

    Join me in a 90 day intensive program tailored to your body and your goals. We will turn healthy habits into behaviors that last and set up conditions to transform your body with inevitable success. I’ll partner with you to deliver life changing results for your healthiest self ever!

    special program designs for:

    weight loss | infertility | emotional eating | hormonal imbalance | heart disease | brain and mood health | digestion issues | diabetes | adrenal health

  • featured testimonial

    Nadine at 90, now medication free!

    Like many adults, senior client Nadine had accumulated a hefty regiment of prescribed medications that began in her late 70s. By the time Nadine turned 90, she was on a twice daily regiment of 12 pills designed to manage her various health conditions including:

    • High Blood Pressure
    • High Blood Sugar
    • Muscle Pain
    • Skeletal/Back Pain
    • Constipation
    • Indigestion
    • Heartburn
    • Frequent Urination
    • Inflammation
    • Vitamin/Mineral Deficiency
    • Sleep Deprivation

    While Nadine’s blood sugar and blood pressure remained at tolerable levels with medication, her 9 other symptoms never actually improved over time. In fact, they worsened and all became secondary to her primary complaint, LOW ENERGY. While no one expects a 90 year individual to compete in a marathon or strongman competition, Nadine ceased to have the energy to stand or walk for more than a couple minutes at a time. She began to spend the majority of her days (23.5+ hours) either lying in bed or seated in a recliner chair. After months of steady complaints about low energy levels and chronic fatigue, despite the consumption of handfuls of pills each day, Nadine became interested in non-medicinal expertise to change her health. However it wasn’t until a night of no sleep and extreme pain which turned into being rushed to the emergency room [which turned out to be a severe case of intestinal blockage experienced as constipation and indigestion] did she make a commitment to change.

    I was given the opportunity to evaluate Nadine’s diet and daily routine to determine if a change in her lifestyle could benefit her well being and possibly improve her overall health. After a thorough and careful investigation into Nadine’s dietary consumption was made, it became clear how her energy levels and overall happiness could be elevated.

    Since Nadine was diagnosed as diabetic/borderline diabetic and prescribed Metformin-Glipizide to manage her glucose (sugar) levels, investigating her sugar consumption was a natural place to begin for me. After totaling the grams of sugar consumed in her daily foods, drinks and supplements, we instantly learned where our breakthrough could be initiated.

    According to the American Heart Association, the maximum amount of added sugar an adult woman should consume in a day is 25 grams, or 6 teaspoons. My investigation allowed us to learn that Nadine was consuming upwards of 200 grams of added sugar per day! This is above and beyond the [simple] carbohydrate heavy meals served at her senior living facility [carbohydrates turn into glucose (a sugar form) which the body burns immediately or converts to glycogen to be stored in the muscles and liver. When more calories are consumed from carbs are more than your body can use, the cells then store the excess as fat)].

    It’s reported that roughly half of all US adults have diabetes or have a blood sugar level so high they’re near diabetic [NBC News Sept. 8 2015]. Additional data shows that as of 2012 nearly all of those who were diagnosed as diabetic had type 2 diabetes which is caused by poor diet, obesity and lack of exercise. Was Nadine diabetic, or was she prescribed a medication to help offset the outrageous amounts of sugar her body had become challenged to naturally counter-balance at her age?

    Over the years, tens of thousands of insurance and out-of-pocket dollars had been spent on Nadine’s health. Countless visits to numerous doctors with various specialties occurred to advise on how to manage her health. Multiple injections and a growing list of medications were prescribed to her. Even an in home Physical Therapist was appointed to her through her Medicare program; only to be ended after 6 weeks when it was determined that “no progress [was] being made”. What I find to be the alarming fact inside all of these details, is that at none of these touch points was Nadine’s diet discussed or ever investigated with her to treat her conditions.

    After only a few weeks of modifications to Nadine’s diet she began expressing some powerful changes in her body. By adjusting what she ate, when she ate, how often she ate and even who she was eating with; Nadine experienced changes to her body that excited her further commitment to change. Nadine began going on regular walks outside for the first time in years. She became a regular at her community exercise and stretching classes and reported test results her doctor described a “perfect” regarding her blood sugar, blood pressure and more – without the need for medications.

    “Food tastes better!”
    “For the first time in years I slept through the night without heartburn”
    “I haven’t taken a Tums tablet in over a week!”
    “I had the best sleep in as long as I can remember last night!”
    “I’m so happy to not be taking all those pills anymore!”
    “My stomach feels great and I no longer have the regular constipation I’ve had for so long”
    “I had no idea I was eating that much sugar everyday!”
    “It’s nice to not be burping all the time like I have been!” (so funny when she shared that one, we both laughed out loud!)

    All of this became possible for a 90 year old woman with nothing more than a careful lifestyle investigation, providing her with curated information about dietary options and supporting her through a commitment to change. She transformed her health in ways she never thought were possible and in many ways is healthier at 90 than she was at 70.

    Let’s transform your health today.

    Triumpfit, victorious health transformations of mind, body and spirit.